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Newton Mentoring, Inc. (NMI) is a grass roots organization that was developed in 2008 to provide much needed individual support for at risk children in the Newton County School System, grades K-12. All public schools including charter and alternative schools are eligible to participate in the program. NMI recruits and trains caring adults who volunteer their time to mentor students in the Newton County School System. Most of the students struggle with multiple problems:



  • They are unable to get the extra academic help they need outside of the classroom.


  • They often do not form strong relationships with teachers, counselors or administrators.


  • Lack of or limited exposure to possible career choices limit their goals and aspirations.


  • Too often, the children are unsupervised during non-school hours that can lead them into unhealthy and unsafe detrimental situations.


The mentors are volunteers, non-paid adults, caring, advocating, listening and sometimes tutoring students who are referred to the program. Prior to being assigned to a student, the mentor attends a two hour orientation class and a national background check is required.


NMI’s mission is to build and strengthen the character and competence of children and youth, which will help build their leadership abilities, thus, their ability to succeed during their school years and beyond. We offer support to help level the playing field by promoting personal relationships that encourage learning opportunities both academically and personally. During the school year, the mentors take on the responsibility for, and commit to spending at least one hour per week with their mentee.  


NMI’s vision is to change the community, one child at a time. Research shows that an evidence based mentoring program is a primary tool to give youth the skills necessary for school and life success. The focus is on youth with poor academic achievement, low self-esteem or an inadequate support system. Mentors form relationships with the mentees, offering guidance, support and encouragement. The mentor's time and effort will have a positive impact on the critical developmental needs of their mentees.


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